Greetings!  My name is Adam Baraz.

This is my invitation to you, to join me, on the journey into Samadhi, the meditative space of embodiment, awareness inhabiting the body.

Samadhi Bodywork is different from other forms of massage.  While I have spent the past eight years practicing massage professionally— Deep Tissue, Esalen, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Structural Integration— my vision for offering healing has changed. 

How long do the effects of a great massage last? A day or two?  Until the next stressful event? Then most of us quickly return to our usual stress patterns. This is because the massage did not address the underlying tension and anxiety within the heart and mind. It did not meaningfully transform or update our experience of embodiment.

                                           Embodiment is the key. 

My intention at this time is to support and expand the growing culture of empowered, embodied, inspired humans—helping heal and restore balance to the planet. 

Samadhi Bodywork goes beyond the traditional relaxing massage.  This work is about bringing “You”—your unique personality and essence more fully into the world.    Combining transformational bodywork, Somatic Psychology, and meditation, Samadhi Bodywork supports you in unifying your body, heart, and mind.   As your awareness opens, deep healing emerges. 

Resting in the natural state of presence and awareness, your gifts and innate good qualities become accessible. Calm, clarity, confidence and kindness easily arise. 

Samadhi Bodywork is about opening and stabilizing the most natural, integrated, experience of embodiment possible.  It’s a process of discovering peace, ease, and a deep sense of "Home" within yourself.  

Call or email me if you want to know more!

  • Open, undistracted, collected Presence.

  • The body, heart, and mind aligned and unified in the experience of meditation

  • Therapeutic methods that center on the body for the promotion of physical health, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • A collection of techniques for restoring health and balance to the entire person by working through the body.

"He uses the perfect amount of knowledge and intuition..."

"I am a full time bodyworker. I use my body constantly. Often it is challenging for me to find someone that does the multifaceted work I need. I find his work extremely helpful. He uses the perfect amount of knowledge and intuition. I find sessions with him to be deeply healing on multiple levels. I enjoy the depth of the soft tissue work as well as the breath and energy work. Adam is the real deal and everyone could benefit from working with him. I highly recommend him."  - Erika Campbell

"Synchronizing mind and body is not a concept or a random technique someone thought up for self improvement.  It is a basic principle of how to be a human being, how to use your mind and your body together"

-Chogyam Trungpa